Addiction Action


Mid Morning Matters

Dave Clifton


Simon, what’s the tot-up? We’re looking good. We’re already at 610 English pounds. And to put that into context for any listening addicts that’s roughly 150 pints of lager or eight grams of coke.

You can see where they were going with this – a charity to help people escape their vices with the initials ‘AA‘. Also, Action ON Addiction is a legitmate charity of similar ilk. The show is notable for having a woman with a gambling addiction with a voicechanger on air and Alan asking her to say ‘soon your planet will be mine’. Also, Dave Clifton chats candidly about wanking off a load of tramps in a ‘diabolical soup kitchen’.

These types of thing always try to feature ‘soothing’ colours, hence the turquoise. You never get eye-gouging reds or blacks that take you back to the dark place. I also stole it (the colour, I mean) from a Northern Irish charity that does this. For no reason other than I liked it. I mean…there can’t be a specific reason for everything, can there?

Can you steal a colour? Maybe not. There’s billions of them. Enough to go around, I would say.

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