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Me, lager. Finchy, lager. Gareth, lager sometimes cider, so different drinks for different…needs.

There are versions of ‘Chasers’ in every town in Britain. Terrible venues playing terrible music to terrible people*. Personally, I’ve lost so many hours of my life to these types of place it’s untrue. I don’t mean that in a bad way – at least you know what you’re getting for your entry fee. As long as it’s got the hits and isn’t playing skull-melting drum n bass all night, I’m all for it. It’s a cheap night out and you might get to see a fight. Smash a kebab in your face on the way home. Magic.

Never been to Slough, though. I’ve been through it. I think that’s certainly enough. Sorry, Slough.

*The clip features ‘Spinning Around’ by Kylie Minogue, ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ by The Shamen, ‘The Macarena’ by Los Del Rio, ‘Rendez-Vu’ by Basement Jaxx and a remix of Britney Spears’  ‘Oops!… I Did it Again’ by someone called Helen. I only think two of these are terrible and one is actually very good. Can you guess which ones are which?

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