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What you’ll find here are fictional logos, slogans and graphics lifted from television programmes – mostly comedy and sitcoms – but also drama, stand up, podcasts and so on. All on a t shirt.

You’ve probably been seen websites like this one before. Ones that offer shirt designs from TV shows; for the most part, those types of websites are dealing with stuff like catchphrases; a big picture of Homer Simpson clutching a donut with a speech bubble saying ‘D’oh!’ or Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams as Ken and Kenneth with ‘Suits You!’ emblazoned on them.

Alternatively, they might feature preexisting (though fictional) brands; logos for Planet Express from Futurama or Wernham Hogg from the UK Office, as an example – in fact there are plenty of websites that also offer poducts featuring the logos of fictional organisations from films; Tyrell Corporation from Blade Runner, OCP from Robocop, Jack Rabbit Slim’s from Pulp Fiction and so on. These are all very well known and almost synonymous with the respective shows / films.


this is a bit different.

Here, we’re looking for the things you don’t see. Delving into the minutiae of it and seeing what we can find. An example – I’m Alan Partridge. On the show, you’re fully party to visual material regarding Linton Travel Tavern, Hamilton’s Water Breaks and Chorister’s Country Club. However, other elements, such as Dante Fires and Skirmish (a military-based quiz show on digital cable channel UK Conquest that has the largest audience share for a digital channel at that time of day in the Norfolk area) don’t feature any sort of representation.


here we’re trying to change that.

That’s the conceptual admin done with. Now for some technical news. Lovely stuff. All t shirts are supplied by the legends at Printful. They are  Bella + Canvas 3001 unisex jersey short sleeves in an array of different colours, available at sizes from small right through to 2 x extra large.

If you’re worried about how they’ll fit, there’s a handy size guide here.

Please be aware that every order is print on demand, so *might* take fractionally longer than expected to get delivered (most orders should reach you within seven working days). But don’t worry, you will be informed on timings when you order and also receive a tracking number.

I think that’s your lot. Hopefully you find something that appeals, but if not be sure to fill out the contact form and express your rage. Expression of other emotions also encouraged. Obviously if you have any issues with orders or general queries, be sure to get in touch.

Oh, if you want to keep abreast of new designs, please follow on Instagram. That way you don’t have to mess about with involving yourself with yet another tedious email list you’ll probably end up hating anyway.

Now go forth and find some stuff.