Forest Hills Trailer Park


Stranger Things


There’s more to life than stupid boys, you know.

Weird to be creating a trailer park design and it not involving Canadians. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you will have heard of the supernatural teenage bonanza that is Stranger Things. Hopefully, that extends to the iconic logo from the show, which is clearly the inspiration here.

From what I’ve managed to research (there’s a seemingly neverending slew of user generated material out there, almost like people are fanatical about it), the creators were influenced by the cover designs of Stephen King horror novels in the 80s. Pretty bang on, I would say.

Thing is, you might think that this is *just* a font. It really isn’t. The most bizarre thing I think is the vertical stretching. I’d never think of doing that in a million years but it’s clearly working in this instance.

I actually haven’t even seen much of the show, to be fair. Obviously I’m aware of the Kate Bush bit. I would probably watch a twenty-four hour paint drying video marathon if it had Kate Bush over it.

If you’re a Darkness or Foo Fighters (RIP) fan, you might like to know that Hawkins isn’t a real place. Maybe.

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