Blandford Recreation Centre


Trailer Park Boys


What in the fuck are you dressed up like a bumblebee for? And why do you look like Indianapolis Jones?

Another update-y one, as There *is* a sign for the BRC, though it’s not up to much. What’s annoying about this is that I originally designed this as ‘center’. I assumed that Canadians were with the Americans in doing this, but apparently not. Probably a commonwealth thing, eh.

What I like about the Trailer Park Boys (other than the obvious insanity that it offers) is that Randy and Lahey’s relationship was never really the butt of any of the jokes. They’re bisexual and…that was kind of it.

Anyway, the Blandford Recreation Centre was used by Lahey to draw a smokescreen over what they were doing. Which appeared to be having sex dressed as Indiana Jones and a bee.

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