Burt’s Taxis


Derry Girls

The President


Right. So the Clintons are staying in a taxi rank in the arsehole of nowhere is the thinking now, is it? It is Gerry, aye.

Firstly, Burt isn’t a person, rather a place. It’s actually not far from Derry, but in Ireland. Not Northern Ireland.

In this bit of the episode, both the adults and the children try to infiltrate the Clintons, who are visiting Northern Ireland in 1995. Naturally the girls go for Chelsea (conversely in this instance a person, not a place) and the men go for Bill and Hillary. With expected disastrous results. Like an Irish version of the Blair Witch Project, the lads end up driving around for five hours and end up back where they started in Burt, stumbling across a delapidated taxi rank that Jim claims the President’s family are staying at, somehow. Whether Burt is the arsehole of nowhere is a matter of taste. I think it looks quite nice.

My only minor internal gripe with this one is that the show’s main cast are five girls (well, technically women. The old Inbetweeners trick) and the show was written by a woman, and yet this is all very masculine. Though they are all utter fucking idiots though, so maybe that’s a good thing to highlight.

The design? Scratchy taxi sign thing. Not really based on anything but there are 50 stars. The dotted lines are *kind of* stripes (7+6=13) if you count the bits in between. Yes, it’s tenuous, thanks.

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