The Enterprise


The Inbetweeners

The Gig and the Girlfriend


The Enterprise has everything you want from a local music venue – bar staff who don’t ask for ID, a worrying lack of fire exits and a horrific smell from the toilets.

This is the one where they go to a gig (at The Enterprise) and Simon (Cooper the character, not Bird the actor) gets a new girlfriend (Tara). They take drugs and Tara vomits, kisses Simon, then vomits again. Classic teenage hijinks.

The design centres on the font from the show, featuring the diagonal stripes in the background from the title sequence. Which I’m fairly sure is a nod to the striped ties that the pupils wear.

Bit of a struggle, this one, as I started off Star Trek. But quickly realised that that was a bit confusing. Even then, I’m not 100% The Enterprise logo would look like this if it was a venue. That said, it kind of looks like something that would’ve been designed around the early Noughties, so I reckon it works.

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