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Men Behaving Badly


Y’know, I think marriage is tremendous. I hate to be cynical George, but you think Croydon is tremendous.

We’re back in Croydon again (after this and this). Kind of. Men Behaving Badly was actually shot in and around parts of West London, but they seem to mention South London a lot in the show. South of the river peasants. Sorry, that’s just my instinctive reaction, as I live in North London. I believe it’s possible to be Ok down there. I’ve heard people say it, at least.

Back to this. On paper, I shouldn’t really like Men Behaving Badly, as it kind of ties in with that whole toxic Loaded / new lad / mad-for-it / bucket hat period of the 1990s. Monstrous. But I can’t help it. They’re absolute idiots. Well, the men are. All the female characters are normal. Which is basically real life, isn’t it?

In the show, Gary Strang works for an unnamed security firm, so I actually made this whole thing up. I figured it would be as literal and generic as possible.

Poor George and Andrea. They aren’t half given a hard time for being useless old gits, despite being perfectly pleasant. Again, this was the 90s though, so that kind of goes with the territory.

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