Saint Juniper’s Medical Practice


Black Mirror



If this was entertainment, surely you’d make it more interesting. Inject a little action, isn’t that right?

Ok, let’s be fair. Saint Juniper’s Medical Practice’s signage is visible in Bandersnatch BUT it’s a very drab affair. White lettering on a brown background. But then that was 1984. The year, not the book. From what little I remember, things in 1984 were nigh on exclusively brown. Like the 1970s but less disco. So this brings the practice into the present day somewhat. Can I use the NHS logo? I actually don’t know. I suppose I pay for it, don’t I?

We’re back in Croydon, anyway. I’ve assumed Stefan and his dad live in Croydon mostly due to the bus journey and the surrounding buildings when he’s going in for the meeting with Tuckersoft. The doctor’s is actually in Clerkenwell, as it goes. So not close to Croydon at all. I don’t think it matters, as their house is in Watford in real life.

I like the bit where she does the katana stuff. But then I like most things Alice Lowe has been involved with. Underrated IMO.

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