Croydon Crawl


Peep Show


Yeah, this is raw. Who is this, is this us?

I’ll level with you here. Croydon Crawl isn’t a thing. I just made it up for this. But let’s be honest, it *could* be something that happened. Camden Crawl was real, so I’m sure the people south of the river could do a similar thing (if they don’t already). The rest of it I obviously stole from the design of a yearly music festival that takes place concurrently in Berkshire and Yorkshire. Conversely, Chicken Corner *is* a real thing. And what features here is a loose translation of what you can see on the show.

The bands are self explanatory, though I’ve deliberately not included Mama’s Kumquat. And also the Chemical Toilet Brothers never came to fruition, so are equally omitted.

If you’re wondering about why this all happened on the date it did, it was the day Theo Walcott turned thirty. Make of that what you will.

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