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Grand Theft Auto



I love a hot sauce, me. At the time of writing (January) I have about 20 bottles in my house. And that’s down from about 30 at the end of last year. We can put that firmly down to Christmas and lack of imagination in the presents department. I’m not complaining about this at all. Keep them coming, family members.

Anyway, it’s unsure what levels we’re talking about with Kai Lee. You would assume a different array of the old Scovilles. If you’re a fan of sriracha (which if you’re sane, you are), you might have recognised some of the font work here. I’ve actually done a prior design based on the myriad of fonts the classic Huy Fong foods sriracha, but this seemed too obvious to pass up. Meh, they’re different enough, I think.

You’ll notice that we’ve gone with Vietnamese for this. Although Huy Fong founder David Tran is Chinese, he was in the Vietnam army for the war and choose the famous chicken logo because of the Vietnamese zodiac from the year he was born. Google translate doing some heavy lifting with the translation. I’m usually a little sceptical about automated translations, as they can be susceptible to errors, but hey…it won’t be the first time a Western person has nutsed this type of thing up.

Grand Theft Auto III, though. The game that changed them all. Shortest version of that story ever told.

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