Antimatter Chopsticks


Red Dwarf



Antimatter chopsticks? We use them all the time. I can’t even remember what a fork looks like.

Big shout out to the philistines like me that use traditional Western cutlery in any form of Asian restaurant. I’m not sure if that’s viewed as culturally insensitive, but my reasoning is that I’m paying for it, so I’ll eat it with my hands if it makes me enjoy the experience more. I also eat left handed, despite being right handed. Fight me.

Back to this, then. The Dwarfers end up at a space station with a lad made up out of all of them. Difficult to explain, so I guess you’ll just have to watch it. What always stuck with me about this one is why they left. Legion mentions there’s some cybeberplex thing or other that means you can do anything with anybody at anytime ever. Yeah, sounds rubbish. I’d have personally stayed put.

The design is semi-based on a well known sriracha brand you’ve probably encountered before. So the amount of different fonts going on is deliberate. According to the internet, there are eight different typefaces. A bit much, you’d have to say.

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