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You can’t switch it off. You can’t take them out. And it doesn’t just block them, it blocks every image of them. So every memory I had of her was vandalised.

Before we go anywhere, this is a ‘zed’ eye. Not a ‘zee’ eye. Because of this, we’re going with ‘copyright Smartelligence’, rather than TCKR Systems. As the former is British and the latter American. Whether they’re actually the same business, I don’t know. Also, we’re generally unclear as to whether the Z-Eyes are the same as the ‘grain’ featured in ‘The Entire History of You‘. You would assume they are, as they function pretty much in the same fashion. Basically they record your entire life and it’s always accessible. I personally would not be up for that. I think that’s the point of the show.

There’s a lot going on in the episode (three different narrative strands, in fact), but you would expect that as it’s a special. Reportedly, they thought it might be the last ever episode, hence why it’s absolutely chock full of easter eggs. To sort of sign off the whole thing.

As for the logo, I was going for ergonomic tech feel. The obvious point of call would be Apple, but it’s kind of not really that. I wanted something that was simple but complex. Logic pushed me in the direction of being an eye in shape and as I started to develop it I realised there were a lot of circles. So the rule then became to *just* use circles. Even with negative space, it’s all round shapes. I originally had the pupil overlapping the iris top right, but moved it to the bottom when I got the smaller circles in place, as I realised they looked like a) the circular UI of the device and b) almost a snowglobe with the pupil at the bottom.

According to IMdB, it’s the best one. Which is saying something.

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