The Quagmire


Black Mirror

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If you don’t already know what the Quagmire is, you probably don’t want to know.

I love Black Mirror. ‘Bleak Mirror’ more like, amirite? Yes, obviously. Technology is here, it’s a dystopian future slash present and we’re all totally doomed. Excellent, where do I sign up?

So you’ve got the pig one, the robot killer bees one, the Groundhog Day torture one…then this happens. I’m not terminally ill or American and have never been a lesbian (despite what people may tell you) but I’m not going to lie – it’s my favourite one and I wasn’t prepared for it. And obviously in such an uplifting episode, I’m going to focus massively on the sex dungeon cesspit. Which is what I *assume* The Quagmire is. It’s probably that and a lot of other dark stuff. I bet it’s chock full of UKIP voters.

‘Uplifing episode’, he says. Basically everyone dies at the end (Like in this). But to a Belinda Carlisle soundtrack, so it’s not all bad.

Sorry, spoilers. But really, you should’ve seen this by now.

NB I’ve actually only just learned that the Quagmire filming location is just down the road from me. Of course it is.

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