Black Mirror

Hated in the Nation


A lunatic with production values, that’s the worst kind.

We care a lot. About disasters, fires floods and killer bees. Not just killer bees, though; ROBOT killer bees. The best kind. I don’t want to get morbid on you anymore than is completely necessary, but I’ve often wondered what it would be like to die. Falling off a cliff, getting stabbed in the heart, being slowly shredded by a giant cheese grater – you name it, I’ve wondered it. For me, the idea of a metal insect flying up your nose, burrowing into your head and liquidising your brain is up there with my least favourites.

The design – that’s a moderate cheat, as the G does sort of exist in the show and Blue swipes her hand through a group of the bees that form it in 3D. I kind of padded it out from that.

But generally speaking, the moral of the episode is that social media platforms are a toxic wasteland of faceless bastards who never get any commuppance, despite being toxic, faceless bastards. Still, Diane out of Trainspotting is in it, so that’s an instant win. Plus Errol from ‘15 Storeys High‘. And there’s also a cake with ‘fucking bitch’ iced into it.

What’s not to like?! Oh, the deaths. Lots and lots of deaths. Point taken.

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