The Three Crowns


Black Mirror

Demon 79


One a day. It’s one kill a day. That is fewer people than die falling off ladders in the same time period. You’d be less lethal than a ladder.

Tipley isn’t real. It’s a fictional region of Greater Manchester. In other episodes, it’s notable for a paedophile ring and I bring that up because Nida’s first kill (the bloke walking the dog by the canal) in this one could’ve been part of it. Not a pretty start to this write up, is it? Well, let me comfort you by telling you that by the conclusion of this episode, the world ends. To the sound of rabbit classic ‘Bright Eyes‘, no less. I personally think it’s more than we deserve.

So, having summoned up a Boney M demon called Gaap from a domino, Nida has to sacrifice a human a day for three days in order to prevent this. Which she kind of does achieve, but one gets disqualified due to the fact that they themselves killed someone. That person being the excellently creepy Nicholas Burns of Nathan Barley fame. A hammer, right in the kisser. However, the people in charge deem this inadmissible and ultimately she fails and it’s night night forever.

Taking all that into consideration, we have the local boozer, the Three Crowns. This is sort of a redevelopment of the sign as I would see it now. Given that 1979 is 45-odd years ago, you’d put money on them rebranding as a gastropub or some such. The two Xs on the crowns represent legitimate kills and the rugby post glyph thing is synonymous with the show (White Bear, Bandersnatch, other Easter eggs elsewhere).

Facts I’m sure the present day pub owners would take into consideration for the refurb.

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