Black Mirror



It’s just abrupt and jarring and unnecessary and horrible and violent and unsettling and weird and awful and scary and dark and bleak and creepy.

Another *minor* cheat, this one, as the Microplay logo does appear in Bandersnatch, albeit in neon lighting format. So this is a redo of that as a viable vector logo. If that were ever needed. Which it probably won’t ever be. But then most of what you see here isn’t really needed is it?

Moving on, Bandersnatch was actually not given particularly good reviews, despite it being so groundbreaking (I think). I suppose that I’m more or less the right age for when it’s set. Fractionally before my time, but I do remember enough of the 80s for it to count. And let’s face it, the first three years of the 90s may as well have been the 80s anyway.

Lots of deaths and drugs to choose from, either way. Colin Ritman’s eyes bursting out of their sockets when Stefan takes acid is frighteningly realistic, as well. Ahem. So I’ve been told.

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