Black Mirror

Shut Up and Dance


I was trying to put on this film thing.What film thing? Don’t know. Some program that lets you watch free films. While I was trying to put it on it locked up.

If you’re not aquainted with the word, to ‘shrive’ is to confess one’s sins and become free of guilt. So if you’ve seen this one, you’ll kind of get the meaning behind it. If you have seen it, you’ll have been putting Blu Tack (or equivalent) over your camera ever since.

In this instance, Shrive is a computer program that supposedly frees your system from malware. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do that. Quite the opposite, in fact. Effectively it’s a Trojan that records your camera. Which sends Kenny into a downward spiral, never to return. All very upbeat. If you’re interested, you can have a look at the hotel he gets blackmailed to go to in order to deliver a cake to Bronn off Game of Thrones.

The logo, then. It appears briefly on screen when Kenny tries to fix his laptop. The first thing I noticed about it is that it looks very much like a Premier League club logo. If you follow that, you will have noticed the recent trend of over simplification of team crests, presumably to appeal to a global market (cough, America). This one in particular is very reminiscent of West Ham United.

You’re probably going to be asking me the question of whether I would be wearing a t shirt with a Norton, Kaspersky or McAffee logo on it and I can say in all faithfullness that I absolutely would.

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