Black Mirror

Shut Up and Dance


I don’t want the cake. So go away or I call the front desk. I will kick that cake up your fucking arse.

One of the two (at time of writing) Black Mirror episodes to just use / rely on modern technology*, Shut Up and Dance is unusual in that it’s uplifting. Not really. It’s a big fat slab of doom from start to finish. Even if you discount the twist at the end. Extortion, infidelity, racism, car chases, a gun in a cake, someone pissing themselves in a bank – this one has the lot. And it’s set around High Wycombe, completing the horror.

Wayhaven are a chain of budget British hotels in similar vein to Premier Inn or Travelodge. Rather than just being incidental to the storyline, the CEO of Wayhaven is caught in amongst the multiple layers of blackmail and provides the keys to the car that Kenny and Robson & Jerome use to rob the bank. Ok, spoilers there. Should’ve mentioned that.

Nice little bit of Radiohead at the end, as well. If you can call Radiohead nice. You probably can’t. Either way, they’re definitely a better fit to end the programme than using the Walk the Moon song of the same name.

*The other episode being The National Anthem, if you’re interested. Because you don’t need to much gadgetry to have sex with a pig. As far as I’m aware. Old Shine Face managed it** with his bunch of Bullingdon arseholes, so it can’t be that difficult.

**It’s actually unsubstantiated and most likely not true. But quite telling that a lot of people think it could be.

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