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Ok my friends. That’s Dmitri Babich – specialist doctor to the stars. Ah, the big addiction guy. My guess says she’s on crystal meth. More like coke.

What if ‘An American Werewolf in London’ meets the death of Princess Diana? A question that nobody asked, but this is roughly the answer. One paparazzo (M) / paparazza (F), many papparazzi. Let’s just get that straight from the off. Complimentary white Fiat Uno for everyone that complies with this rule.

According to the internets, this one is rubbish. It can’t all be San Junipero mate, leave it out.

Here we are, then. Doing something I said I would never do. For some background – Mazey Day is having a hard time of it, being a Hollywood film star, raking it in and being lauded by all and sunder and what have you, so she decides to get a takeaway. You don’t hear it in the show, but when it’s delivered, you can see Master Tai’s logo on the bag. No input, no thought, just pure, unadulerated replication. So for me, the journey was more about working out what the Korean on the bag says.

Hopefully you’re as disappointed as I am to learn that 한국 요리 equates to ‘Korean cuisine’.

I was hoping for some subversive Easter egg like ‘fuck the police’ or something, but no.

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