The Feathers


The Royle Family


Remember when she sang in the bloody Feathers? What did she sing – that Whitney Houston number? She was that bad the landlord barred him bloody self out.

We’re back in Manchester (cotton and guns. And rain) and we’re heading down the pub. The oft-mentioned Feathers, where Dave, Jim and even an underage Anthony go to imbibe fermented vegetable drinks. Are hops vegetables? Probably not.

I usually try and base this type of thing on something specific, but pubs are kind of a law unto themselves and when you think about it, there are seldom many chains. Wetherspoons. Marston’s. Actually, Young’s. Or are they breweries? Or both? Given how much I drink, I should probably know this. Look, either way, I’ve designed it now so we’re going to have to go with it.

I found somewhere that says The Feathers is a real place in Wythenshawe but it was on Reddit, so can’t substantiate it. I don’t really think that’s the sort of place for concrete facts now is it?

If you do find it, please write in and let me know how accurate this is.

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