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The Office



Who’s Cooper and who’s Webb? Neither of us. I bet you get that all the time. No.

We’ve got other consultants happening within these walls and I’m still unsure as to how anyone would choose that as a career and why anyone pays for what it is. Whatever it even is. Anyway, there are apparently a ‘Big Four’ of consultants, and one of them is the basis of this one. It begins with a ‘D’ and sounds like a toilet. Do with that information what you will.

Cooper & Webb are the consultants that hire David Brent for his £1200 an hour gig in the second series of The Office. You know. The one where he plays Tina Turner.

Tried to go with a plus sign rather than an ampersand but it ended up looking like the game Theme Hospital. Probably a bad reference but I know what I mean.

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