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When you’re about to throw up from the stench, that’s when they’re done.

If you’re a fan of breakfast cereal, you’ll know what’s going on here. I’m not. I think they’re pointless. However, in square format and covered in marshmallow and / or chocolate, then I’m in (or was back in the old days). Snap, Crackle and Pop can do one, IMO.

Thankfully, Rose Nylund is making a version of the latter, which is apparently disgusting to smell but very nice to eat. Like durian. I think. I’ve never had it. If you’ve seen the show before, you’ll have noticed that Rose bangs on about St. Olaf – the place she was raised in Minnesota – virtually every episode. From my research, I can tell you that St. Olaf (Township) does actually exist and about three people live there. Maybe they choose somewhere nobody lived so they could invent tons of insane shit about it without offending anyone. In the show, it’s populated by Norwegian settlers. If you’re wondering what the flags are about.

It’s a great show, though. The character depth and the obvious talent of the actors is instantly apparent. It’s sort of like a funnier, better written and much, much less annoying and self-indulgent Sex and the City. Dorothy = Carrie. Blanche = Samantha. Rose = Charlotte. Sophia = Miranda. Thank you and good might.

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