Silent Reading





Derek, Babylon 5’s a big pile of shit! Get out!

Named after the 1972 dystopian science fiction film ‘Silent Running‘, Silent Reading is the comic book shop Tim briefly works in after getting sacked from Fantasy Bazaar. The reason for that happening was shouting in a child’s face about Jar-Jar Binks being shit. Perfectly reasonable, imo (the shouting, not the sacking). Bilbo eventually takes him back after Tim’s incessant crying / begging (we also learn that Bilbo carries an Ansaphone around with him, for some reason).

As you’d probably expect, Fantasy Bazaar is already well represented on the internet, as it features a fair amount in the show across both series. The logo does popup for a couple of seconds (like when I did this Ted Lasso one) during this particular episode, though it’s skewed and – as far as my research has concluded – not a legitimate font. So duplicating that to be vectored and legible is the name of the game, here. A bit like the Black Mirror one I did that time.

Comics, though. I do like them as a medium. And without going too Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable on you, the artwork is (or can be) amazing. I just tend to not do anything about it. Like Anime. I see stuff I like and don’t follow it up. What a twat.

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