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I feel…I’ve groomed you. All these messages. I was grooming you!

To be fair, the sign for Le Tucci *does* appear in Ted Lasso for about two seconds and a bit out of focus. It’s the venue for the blind date Rebecca Welton and Sam Obisanya set up on the show’s appallingly named ‘bantr’ app. I’m going with it though, as in all honesty I probably would’ve done something similar. Which is to emulate a luxury Florentine fashion house whose last four letters are the same.

I appreciate that this must come across a bit like Super Hans and Jez stealing Sophie’s cousin Barney’s music and passing it off as their own, but it’s going in.

The extra bits (sub-font and colours) are lifted from a famous Italian deli shop in London beggining with ‘C’. Actually, places other than London nowadays, I think.

A ‘tucci’ isn’t a thing, I found out. It’s just a surname of someone, originating from Venice or thereabouts. Stanley’s got a lot to answer for. Not really.

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