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We’re sorry Mr. Marsh, but if you cannot crap out the crap, it is not really a crap.

We’re back in Zurich, this time courtesy of everyone’s favo(u)rite badly drawn Coloradans. If that’s a word. Why are we in Zurich? Well, Stan’s dad Randy is constipated and when he evertually does manage to go, is impressed by his creation’s stature. In order to verify his world record, he has to visit Switzerland to get it verified. Somewhere along the line, Bono gets involved in a sort of ‘shit-off’ wth Randy and the two end up trying to outdo each other. Which is all actually pretty normal for South Park. The most unusual thing for me is why the EFSMB would be in Switzerland. I suppose FIFA and Nestlé are pretty fecal-y aren’t they? Ethically, I mean.

The design isn’t really rooted in anything. The colours are kind of UNICEF but I don’t really know why I did that. Maybe it was the ‘EF’ bit. If you can’t tell, the circle thing is kind of meant to represent both a toilet roll and a tape measure. Given that the organisation is responsible for the quantification of human excrement, it seemed to make sense.

As much sense as it’s going to make, anyway.

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