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Red Dwarf

Back to Reality


It thinks we’re either a threat, food, or a mate. It’s gonna either kill us, eat us, or hump us.

For a period of the early 90s, Red Dwarf was the best thing on television. Bold claims. From 1991-93 (series 4-6), it really was untouchable. The early stuff was pretty good as well, based on the writing and the casting but…you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth. From series seven onwards, it wasn’t all that great. For me personally, it’s a similar roadmap to Depeche Mode. Turns out I just *can* get enough*.

The SSS Esperanto is the name of the abandoned scout ship the crew explore shortly before perishing in the episode ‘Back to Reality‘. Afficiandos will probably already know this, but it’s largely regarded as the greatest ever episode of Red Dwarf ever made.

You can say what you like about Duane Dibbley and Jake Bullet, but a haddock commits suicide. My favourite bit of the whole thing.

* I’d like to point out that I love Depeche Mode. But the bleak, dying off of a speedball times, not the teetotal times. MftM to SoFaD is the three album golden spell you’re looking for.

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