Red Dwarf

Back to Reality


Listen, whoever you are, don’t push your luck by ordering whoever I am around, because almost certainly, whoever I am, I’m not the kind of guy who’s gonna take any crap from whoever you are.

A bit of a collector’s item to have two designs from one specific show, but here we are. I’ve waxed lyrical on the other write up about how ‘Back to Reality‘ is held in high esteem by fans and critics alike, so I won’t double down on that. You’ll just have to trust me. Or watch it and agree with me.

Briefly, Kryten becomes half human, which would’ve no doubt been music to long suffering Robert Llwellyn’s ears, what with all the make up. But he still has the head stuff, so maybe not. The Cybernautics (Fascist Earth’s Cybernautic division of the police department, to give it its full title) turns out to be merely traffic control and ‘Jake Bullet’ – Kryten’s ‘real name’ (not his real name) – happens to just be pretty slick sounding.

As for visuals, it’s not really based on anything other than maybe a bit of NASA, maybe a bit of generic science fiction. Though the symbols at the bottom are the shapes of British road signs. I’m just going on the assumption that us Brits would still be going strong if the world was taken over by fascist overlords in a horrifying dystopian future.

Let’s be honest, we’re probably going to be right down the front in the moshpit for it, aren’t we?

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