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I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but I’m disabled.

If you’ve ever wondered how Brian Potter became disabled, the answer lies in The Aquarius. On New Year’s Eve in 1995, the club had an electrical fault nad the place flooded. In attempting to reach the safe, Potter (the manager at the time) mistakenly gets entagled with a fruit machine and enters a coma. Obviously the place was written off. After being told he’ll never walk again, Brian gets a job in a new club called The Neptune, which eventually becomes The Phoenix we all know and love.

Do you love it, though? In all honesty, I *do* like the show, though I remain unconvinced on Peter Kay himself. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not Savile or anything. Just there’s something about him I find a bit off. Mainly reports of him not being a particularly nice character in real life. I suppose it’s a bit like Gavin and Stacey in that respect.

Anyway, the sign here should speak for itself. It’s a bit literal, but then working men’s clubs aren’t particularly well known for their subtlety, are they? The font and colours are loosely based on the Phoenix sign itself.

Daniel Kitson, to me, is the real star. Not in the show. Just generally. Up there with the best, in my opinion.

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