Gavin & Stacey


He’s a lovely looking boy. Not in the conventional sense, like Gavin or Enrique Iglesias, but he’s got a lovely spirit. A confidence, if you will, that you rarely find in a fat man.

For the write up of this, I was thinking that we’re heading into the territory of shows that I actively dislike, but then I remembered that I think Gavin & Stacey is actually pretty good. It’s well written, has a very good cast and the characters are definitely solid. It’s just one person involved with it that I don’t care for. Can you tell who it is?!

I would assume Smithy wouldn’t just call his business his nickname, but I reckon it’d be close. Could’ve stumbled on a grocer’s apostrophe (which in itself includes an apostrophe – pretty unhelpful for those who struggle with this type of thing), but didn’t. Just so you know. The original design is clearly a nod to his favoured football team. That’s right, the same one David Cameron ‘supports’.

Happy to go on record to state that I despise David Cameron. Still. And forever more.

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