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The word ‘bistro’ is classy as shit.

Early on in Parks and Rec, Tom Haverford claims the above quote after musing that he’d like to open up his own restaurant, though you kind of have to take it with a pinch slash grain of salt. Largely due to him immediately prior to this stating that he’d also like to own a submarine-themed nightclub.

By series six, Tom’s Bistro had become a reality, and this is the logo for the establishment. My favourite part by far is Jerry being responsible for the menus. On launch day he delivers them but it turns out that when sending files to the printer, he mixes up the flash drives so rather than featuring images of the bistro’s culinary repertoire, they actually include close up of his sick dog’s rectum.

Coincidentally, this is our second trip to Indiana (at time of writing), and the second to also include red writing on a black background. Spitting high octane facts to the end, huh.

Big thanks to Suzanne Vega for almost derailing this one every ten seconds.

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