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Hey, Kamara. I hear that the Successville Hotspurs are after a new manager. Fancy that? Anything’s better than police work. Now, that’s a great joke!

Oh, you’re up for a back print? Well, here we are. There’s a lot going on here and I suppose unless you’re a Tottenham Hotspur fan, there’s very limited appeal. Especially if you don’t like Chris Kamara. And if you don’t like Chris Kamara, I would argue that there’s something wrong with you.

For the design, we’ve got a three-pronged attack; the Successville Hotspur logo, the sponsor and then the number. The ball is borrowed from Spurs’ logo, but there are also some chequered bits to signify the police. The sponsors are the Successville Gazette that feature heavily in trying to work out the culprit in the show (which, alas, Chris doesn’t manage to do). The number isn’t as random as you think, as Kamara’s position during his playing career was defensive midfielder.

I mean, most of that explains itself really, doesn’t it? The programme is a bit of a gem – completely unique and in parts utterly deranged. My favourite thing is that they tend to keep any of the corpsing between the actors in the show. Chris’s is fittingly excellent.

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