The Futility of Mortality


Knowing Me Knowing You


Sorry, I’ve heard of a nosebleed, but in my 14 years of professional broadcasting – including 3 years as a hospital radio disc jockey – I’ve never had anyone come up to me and say “my arm’s just burst.”

Pete and Bernie’s Philosophical Steak House well and truly open for this one. It’s hard to believe that KMKYWAP is now thirty years old, but here we are. The obvious point of reference is Vivienne Westwood, expertly sent up by Rebecca Front here. Weirdly, VW’s logo appears to be merely just a font. Which does make things a lot easier for me. And then she’s got some weird bejewelled orb thing going on. Well, she’s not really got anything going on anymore, sadly. RIP and all that. Anyway, I dismissed that (orb thing) and put Mrs. Whippy Head.

I still think about this episode a lot. Specifically Alan Partridge walking backwards and forwards and exclaiming ‘THAT is dignity’. That’s before we even get anywhere near the Sports Casual chevron action flash.

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