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Knowing Me Knowing You


I want you off these premises in 10 minutes. Knowing me, Alan Partridge, sacking you, Glenn Ponder. A-ha!

Ah, the old ampersand t shirt. A modern classic. Yes, it’s text on a background and as such takes very little brain power to design. But what are you going to do? Sometimes you just need to get the job done.

I’m not sure whether the bands throughout the series are the same and just renamed, and apparently the internet doesn’t know this either. The most notable point is when Glenn Ponder gets fired in the French episode (‘Savoir Faire’ for obvious reasons) and then comes back the following week with the suitably named ‘Lazarus’ after successfully triggering an injunction to not be fired.

Glenn also made a final appearance on the ‘Knowing Me, Knowing Yule‘ Christmas special with his ‘friend’ Andy. I’ve neglected to include that, though, given what happened to the actor that played him. If you don’t know…probably best not to look into it.

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