It’s all slotting into place. I knew I was special. I always knew I was different from the other people. That’s why I never got a shag.

Like Sean Lock, Rik Mayall was a tough one to take. A staple of the 80s, you never really thought he would die. Bottom semi-revived the Young Ones and took it into the 90s (kind of) and is arguably the more insane programme of the two. Also Rik features in ‘An American Werewolf in London’, which is certainly an achievement in my eyes.

On to this – this particular episode is set around Christmas and a fairly rubbish gag about Terry’s All Gold, a Frankenstein mask and Dave Hedgehog’s new Grrr after shave. Also a virgin birth after they somehow find a baby.

Obviously the design is based on a minimalist logo design from an American fashion house you will have heard of. Went with an older iteration, more for the Liverpool dockers than anything else.

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