Bastard Squad


The Young Ones



Oh, goody goody gumdrops! Just in time to watch ‘Oh Crikey!’ on ITV!

I naturally assumed that ‘Bastard Squad’ (Vyvyan’s favourite television programme) was a play on the A-Team, but I’ve checked the dates. The Young Ones: first broadcast in 1982. The A-Team: first broadcast in 1983. Rik Mayall (as Kevin Turvey) also toured accompanied by the Bastard Squad in 1983 and Vyvyan’s surname is ‘Basterd’. So who knows? There were plenty of terrible US action TV shows in the early 1980s to choose from, let’s be honest.

So the font here is based on the A-Team logo. The rest of it is based on Vyv’s own car. Which is a yellow Ford Anglia with flames up the side, as *not* featured on the live siege coverage from Dan Prick. Apparently said coverage is from North London, despite everyone being aware that the Young Ones was filmed in Bristol.

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