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Oh Casper! You’re just full of lovely bubbly cuddles and rainbows!

A podcast about football that isn’t really about football. I suppose if you support Sunderland or Middlesbrough you would do your best to shy away from it. Apologies to Mackems and Smoggies amongst you. As far as I’m aware, the show did start off with a lot more football content, but descended very quickly into deranged lunacy.

The British Managers’ Lunch Club is a regular thing, whereby people like Sam Allardyce, Steve McLaren, Tony Pulis and other assorted managerial journeymen get together and work out which football team they’re next going to do over. The implication being that they’re not very good but frequently sign short term contracts with teams already in dire straits (not the band) and have minimal morale impact for maximum severance pay, thus crippling whoever they’re working for even further. The mantra of ‘MONEY MONEY MONEY’ being chanted at regular intervals.

The logo is very loosely based on that of the Professional Footballers’ Association, if you’re interested. With some font work from the Premier League also.

Ok, that did actually seem quite football heavy. Which I was trying to avoid. You don’t need any knowledge to give it a listen and find it funny. I mean. It’s Bob Mortimer. What more do you need?

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