Grand Theft Auto


What I like about this is that it’s clearly meant to say the word ‘bellend‘. Which, if you’re anything but British, will probably not mean a great deal to you. Like most decent swear words, it has roots in genitalia. The end of a specific appendage, if you’re still not working it out. I’m pretty sure we can chalk this one down to Scotland, as that’s where GTA was originally conceived. I think I remember reading that there was some Limmy graffiti in one of them once. Or did I dream that?* Either way, they’re doing God’s work.

The *name* is an obvious nod to a hugely well known PC manufacturer, though the game doesn’t go overboard on mimicing their design. Not like I’ve done here. Straplines for said organisation in the past have all been inoffensive and homogenised droplets of nothing like ‘get more out of now’ and ‘yours is here’. Odd choices for devices that mostly beam pornography into your house.

Anyway, their current one is ‘the power to do more’, so I’ve taken the liberty (cough) of altering that to appear more on brand with the bleakness of the game(s).

I suppose the big question is whether anyone would wear a t shirt with the word ‘bellend’ on it. Humans are idiots, of course they would.

*Looks like it wasn’t a dream. Poor bloke has no idea. The comments, though…

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