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You been making pornos on the sly have you, Sandhu? Ha ha, no! These are home cinema. Cinema films for home use.

Poor Mr. Sandhu. Machete in the face from Combo in the film to building an empire in ’86, only for Shaun to burst in on him and Shaun’s mum at it. Not only did he have this, but also a hairdressers. What if Dragon’s Den but the 80s?

When you see the video shop in the episode, it’s all over the place. Hand written signs done in felt tip, bits of wire poking out of the walls and stuff. All very accurate, to be fair. So I figured this is maybe how the signage would look in a couple of years on from 1986. A bit rubbish and still kind of not really moving with a rapidly advancing technological world. But then shops like this don’t really need to do that.

VHS and red printed label maker lettering, though. You can’t beat them. Well. I mean obviously you can.

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