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How’s the back? Oh, the masseuse down there, the Delray? Magic fucking fingers.

Another contentious spelling, courtesy of the internets.  They have it down as ‘Del Ray’ on numerous Wikis and scripts and that. Yet they have a ‘Delray‘ beach in Miami. So that jury’s out on this one. I personally think it’s more than acceptable to assume that the hotel name would mirror the seaside. Even in a place as needlessly vacuous (not to mention expensive) as Miami. Sorry, Dan Marino fans.

So, Miami. I’ve tried to swerve the clichês of tropical colours and Don Johnson but you’ve got to have a palm tree in there somewhere, right? Not sure if there are many MLS fans out there, but the font and colours are taken from a David Beckham passion project. I don’t mean Rebecca Loos. Phil Neville somehow managed to fluke further employment by managing them. And then Lionel Messi joined. Talk about an upgrade.

Nothing to do with the Sopranos, really, is it? Which is predominantly set in New Jersey. Bloody miles away. Tony sends Ralph here to avoid the latter getting killed. Sort of a ‘safe hotel’. I hope they brought their checkbooks (sic). Of course they didn’t. The Mafia don’t need money, wiseguy.

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