Sheffield City Council Emergency Civil Defence Department




Local authorities have been given power to suspend peacetime functions and to requisition premisesand materials for civil defence. A government spokesman said this was a precautionary move only. It was not a cause for alarm.

Threads as in the BBC nuclear war mockumentary / drama from 1984, not the Zuckerberg-built, not as good rival to Twitter (or whatever the plate-faced Tesla Karen has renamed it today). I usually shy away from films, but this technically wasn’t broadcast in cinemas, so it doesn’t count. Does it? No.

It must be noted that Sheffield City Council obviously already exists. So this is kind of a reimagining than anything else. Like most British council logos, Sheffield’s is functional at best, showing a scaled down skyline of the city. I’ve binned that off in favour of the white rose, which traditionally signifies Yorkshire, and amalgamated it with the classic nuclear symbol.

If you haven’t seen Threads, you probably should. You’ll laugh at the start due to how dated everything looks, but by the end you will have lost the will to live.

Which admittedly doesn’t sound like fun but trust me. It’s essential viewing.

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