Black Mirror

Men Against Fire


Do you have any idea of the amount of shit that’s in their DNA?

Ah, genetic cleansing. A sure fire hit in any medium. A bit heavy, isn’t it? Sure. But then there’s the Orgazoid from Peep Show to offer light relief. Yeah, he doesn’t really do that, sorry.

This all takes place in a Danish (I think, don’t quote me) village where they’re basically trying exterminate an ethnic minority group with supposed ‘bad blood’. Think of the Balkans or Rwanda in the 90s but with more bacon and Lego. Not really. MASS is a thing that plugs into your brain and desensitises you to the effects of war, as well as morphing aformentioned people into subhuman, shark-toothed ‘roaches’.

Maybe you wouldn’t want all of that on a t shirt, I don’t know. Meh. You’ve got an option now, at least.

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