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Whose anus is doing the shitting?

If you’ve seen this one, you’ll know what the quote is about. Even if you *have* seen it, it might take you a bit of thought to work the plot out at first go. Michael Cera does his best exposition at the end to try and help you out.

Basically, there’s an ordinary woman called Joan that Netflix – sorry, Streamberry – copies the life of and broadcasts as if it’s a new drama show. She’s called ‘source Joan’. Source Joan’s version of the show ‘Joan is Awful‘ casts Annie Murphy as Joan (becoming level one Joan) and replicates her life to the most minute detail. However, when Annie Murphy (who is oblivious to source Joan and thinks *she* is source Joan) watches the show, Joan is portrayed by Salma Hayek (who then becomes level two Joan). Salma Hayek watches the show (thinking she is now source Joan) and Joan is Cate Blanchett (we’re not sure who Cate Blanchett (now level three Joan) would have as her version of Joan, or even if there are any more Joan levels beyond her).

Got it? Lots of brackets to contend with. Either way, the key bit of the show is that you think Annie Murphy is the original Joan when she’s not. And she has to unravel it all, thinking she’s real, not knowing that technically there’s a Joan ‘beneath’ her, whose real life is the basis of all these events. We’ve come so far in this write up that I’m confident I’m not going to ruin everything by telling you that she destroys the supercomputer that made all this happen and all Joans cease to be.

If you made it through all of that, source Joan owns a coffee shop at the end. The programme isn’t as bad as that write up. There’s a bit where Joan gatecrashes a wedding and shits on the floor.

Also, Bob Fossil is in it, somehow.

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