Aldington-on-Sea District Council


The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer


A tin opener. For opening tins of luncheon meat with. Or tongue, if you’re that way inclined. Oh Coxy, tongue. What a lovely thought.

Two bald, rotund and – above all else – corrupt councillors, Cox and Evans run the show at Aldington-on-Sea. Mainly due to the bumbling and naïve mayor Matt Lucas, who dishes out the cash like running water. Almost every appearance ends with them wrestling each other to the ground, screaming ‘you fat bastard’ repeatedly. Fairly normal stuff for Vic and Bob, really. The undoubted highlight of their tenure is the erection of the Marine Way prototype Fun Bins – a collection of garish yellow dustbins in the shape of celebrities: Geoff Capes and the Paul and Debbie Daniels* twin bin.

The logo itself is fairly conventional, run-of-the-mill regional government fare. Nothing too offensive, muted colours and what have you. Turquoise and blue for the seaside and also a cheeky ship steering wheel. The ‘furture’ thing…I don’t know. Presumably it was done on purpose, but you never know with these two. I would guess it was originally a mistake which they then kept in anyway. It’s replicated on every bit with them in, so I can’t imagine they missed it multiple times.

‘Where is Aldington-on-Sea?’, I hear you possibly ask. Well, according to Judy Finnegan, it’s Hastings. So now you know.

* Obviously this is actually Debbie McGee. Usually preceded by ‘the lovely’.

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