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Let me ask you a question. When you go to the toilet, do you have an Armitage Shanks interface defecation scenario, or do you just have a shit?

The thing about pharma company logos is that they’re all very bubbly. Well, a couple of them are. Notably the two that inspired this one (one’s initials are gee ess kay and the other begins with a ‘pf‘). I think they’re trying to come across as unthreataning and ergonimic, despite their business largely being to pump you full of drugs.

The bit from The Day Today is where Patrick Marber tries group therapy on an entire office. Steve Coogan leaves at the end and is Scottish for some reason. I like meat, I like working with meat.

Clubrox is based in Windsor and I tried to get it in but it didn’t really work. I mean. What’s even in Windsor? Legoland and a castle. Actually not bad really, is it?

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