Catamite’s Regret


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The fake artisanal packaging of these bottled beers conspires to give the functioning 45 year old alcoholic the impression that he’s not a functioning alcoholic but is instead some kind of connoisseur of beer.

Right, let’s start with the easy stuff. It’s a beer. You probably worked that out due to the 7.8% alcohol thing, if not from the (what I consider to be fairly obvious) nod to a major Dutch lager. Oh, and the quote, of course. In the bit on the show, other fictional drinks are mentioned; Wizard’s Sleeve, Goblin’s Hole and Hadron’s Collision, to be exact. Just this one made me laugh more.

Now, if you’re not au fait with what a catamite is, well…you’re in for a journey. I won’t dwell on it here for fear of the website being taken down and me being put on the sex offender’s register. Read this if you’d like to learn more. If you do know what it means, let’s quickly move on.

The symbol is from the Jupiter moon Ganymede, named after the divine hero from Greek mythology. The Latin translation of which is Catamitus, hence the modern English word ‘catamite’. Which is all a little bit deep for a fictional beer t shirt, I must admit.

Back to the knob gags in the next one, I promise. Actually, maybe put the knobs away for a bit given what’s been going on here.

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