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We got all the different meat animals. Cows, pigs, chickens, etc., but they live in the city of London. Like meat, live in a city? City Meat for City People. Get yourself down to City Meat.

The thing about this is that if this place actually existed, I’d be able to walk to it from my house. The two main issues: 1) Even in a fictional sense, it’s actually in Birmingham. 2) Rampant veganism. As rampant as that can actually be. Let’s not get into that right now.

I haven’t eaten any sort of meat product for over twenty years, so the taste is a distant memory. I would lke to put it out there that the Richmond meat free sausages are up there amongst the greatest foodstuffs available to mankind. Thinking of getting a tattoo of them. Somehow.

As far as Stewart Lee goes. Quite divisive, isnt’ he? In the sense that you usually fall into one of two camps in either thinking that he’s one of the greatest living stand up comedians in the world or an annoying leftie meanderer with no jokes who incessantly repeats things.

You can probably guess which of these camps I fall into. And this is despite the heinous war crimes.

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