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Eddie Izzard


Welcome back to Lard. We never went nowhere. We’re called lard.

This is my second foray into strand up routines, the other one being unequivocally meat based. Not very vegan, is it? Ah well.

Despite purchasing this on VHS (ah, the glory years) in 1995, I didn’t manage to see Eddie Izzard live until 2016. Which is an impressive amount of time to be a big fan of something and not do anything about.

Strangely, this show isn’t included in any of the DVD box sets available online. The only reason I can think of would be that it’s slightly less polished than any of the others. But then I think that’s the charm of it. It’s not like she’s* particularly offensive. There’s nothing in there that would cause embarrassment in a historic sense.

Anyway, the full video is available on YouTube if you’ve got an hour and a half spare. The lard comes in at 57:34.

*I tend to call people what they’ve asked to be called. If this bothers you, this probably isn’t the place for you.

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