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We are the board of directors of TreeDome Enterprises Limited, and we are here to ascertain if Miss Cheeks’s inventions are up to snuff.

Fair play to the people who created SpongeBob for getting him on the telly. And this is in the 90s, as well. So there’s a bloke that’s a sponge and he lives in the sea. Ok, with you. He’s best mates with a starfish, a squid and a krab – obviously – they live underwater. He works in a fast food joint and there’s like a parrot and a squirrel knocking about. Er, okay. Oh and he lives in a pineapple.

What even is this show?! Critically and commercially successful is what it is. Appealing to young and old alike, with buckets of user generated content all over the internet and beyond; people are making fan art, writing fan fiction, producing merchandise (including this, I suppose), posting cosplay oufits…the full nine yards.

TreeDome Enterprises do pretty much what they say on the tin, providing domes that cover trees underwater. One notable example of which is owned by Sandy Cheeks (the aformentioned squirrel), and a pretty durable thing it is, having been damaged and / or destroyed multiple times on the show, yet still appearing in later episodes unscathed. Props to the organisation (consisting of executive chimps voiced by Rik Mayall (RIP), Nigel PLaner and Christopher Ryan) for maintaining such an impressive product.

For the design it struck me that literal was the way to go. So you have a tree and a dome. Inspiration being many logos out there that feature trees. Heavily influenced by a Dutch corner shop for the tree and a social media linkage service for the text.

That logic is pretty flawless when held up against the rest of the insanity, I would say.

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