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Are you seriously suggesting that I stood up from my desk, walked down the corridor, triggered the fire alarm – for no reason – and then raced into the toilet as fast as I could and then stepped right back out again to pretend to everyone that I was there all along?

Ok, so this one’s a bit of a cheat. As in The Mulvaney Group kind of already have a logo, visible on some glass office walls and some desktop wallpapers here and there. They included a lot of squares, so I’ve gone with that. Given that Limmy’s Show was first broadcast in 2009 – and 2009 technically (and scarily) being two decades ago – I’ve labelled this in my mind as a rebrand. I know. I could effectively do that for everything, couldn’t I?

Got the squares in blue on the lighter versions, as it kind of looks a bit saltire-y. Kind of.

Whether you believe any of that or not, I once again recommend you visit Limmy’s stream for a daily dose of watching a fifty year old man struggling to fathom brain-meltingly simple game interfaces.

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